IOT client side libraries in Java

A list of client side libraries for IOT protocols like MQTT, XMPP, AMQP and CoAP in Java language.




mqtt-client provides a ASL 2.0 licensed API to MQTT. It takes care of automatically reconnecting to your MQTT server and restoring your client session if any n


Which organizations have the most open job positions in Georgia

Stats from job boards on organizations with the most job openings in  Georgia


Which Occupations Pay the Most in Washington?

Stats collected from the Labor Department has the answer
Occupation Employment Employment / 1000 Jobs Average Annual Wage


How much can a 'Green' certified home save you on your home insurane in California?

Travellers and other companies offer discount on home insurance if your home is certified 'green' by the Leadership Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) organization. Given below is projection of savings on the home insurance over 5 and 10 years, if your home is certifed. California


Top Batsmen and the bowlers who gave them nightmares.

We analyzed ball by ball data available on .

The website provides data for 1,148 One-day internationals starting from 2005 amounting to about 85% of all the ODIs played during this period.

Given below is table which shows bowlers and their bunnies. The number given in the bracket ar


Your age and how it can get you discounts on your home insurance in Indiana

Insurance companies provide various discounts to seniors. Given below is a list of some top cities in Indiana where a considerable percentage of population is eligible for a discount on home insurance.

PlaceNumber of seniors


Newark Companies with the Highest Number Of Open Job Positions

Companies hiring the most in Newark, New Jersey based on the number of open job listings on job boards.

CompanyNo. of OpeningsLocations
Prudential 177 Newark
Rutgers University


Zip Codes near Charlotte with the Highest & Lowest Percentage of Married People

Top Zip Codes within 50 mile radius of Charlotte, North Carolina with highest proportion of married people (Source: Census data)

Zip CodePercentage of people married
28173 (Weddington)71.07


Most Educated and Least Educated Places Near Seattle

Top places with most educated population (based on Census data)

Place NamePercentage of people with at least college education
Mercer Island91.81


Top 20 places near Detroit with highest concentration of singles

Some numbers (based on Census data) which show places with the highest concentration of singles! The data is ordered by the largest highest ratio of singles between 20 to 49 years. Top 20 Places near Detroit, Michigan with Highest Concentration of Male Singles Per Female SingleNumber of single men for every single


Zip Codes With Cheapest & Most Expensive Property Prices near Denver

We analysed Census data to find the Zip Codes with cheapest and most expensive property prices around Denver.

Top 20 Zip Codes with most expensive property prices within 50 miles of Denver, CO.

Zip Code


Places with Most & Least Poverty Near El Paso

Places around 50 miles of El Paso with highest poverty levels ( Data from the census ).

PlacePercentage of people with income below poverty levels
University Park64.62


Most and Least Single Zipcodes Around Columbus

Top zipcodes around 50 miles of Columbus with the most single people.

ZipcodePercentage of people single Percentage of males singlePercentage of females single
43210 (Columbus)96.53


Richest and Poorest Zip Codes Near Washington

Top 20 Richest Zip Codes within 50 miles of Washington, DC (based on Census data).

Zip CodeMedian Household Income ($)
21405 (Annapolis) 250,001
21056 (GibsonIsland) 250,001


Racial Diversity Statistics of Zip Codes Near Boston

We analyzed data from Census to come up with race & diversity statistics of Zip Codes within 50 miles of Boston.

Zip codes with highest concentration of people belonging to a single race.

Zip code


Top 20 zipcodes with highest and lowest rental yields around Columbus

Top 20 Zip Codes with highest rental yields within 50 miles of Columbus (from Census data)

Place NameMonthly rent($)Median value of house($)Rental Yield (%)
43211 (Columbus)777


Zip Codes with Highest & Lowest Proportion of Divorced People Near Fort Worth

Top Zip Codes within 50 Miles of Fort Worth, TX that have the highest number of divorcees as a percentage of population (Souce: Census)

Zip CodePercentage of divorced people
76127 (Carswell Afb)


Youngest & Oldest Zip Codes Near Memphis

Top 20 Zip Codes near Memphis which have the highest proportion of people <35 Years.

Zip CodeNumber of people below the age of 35 People <35 Years as a % of Total Population